Natalie Freilich

Years of designing new layouts each week for her early blogs led Natalie to the decision to pursue graphic design. Through high school and college, she was determined this was to be her path in life. Although she was always an avid writer, it wasn't until halfway through her college career, waist deep in art studio classes, that she discovered a new avenue of expression - writing about her beloved electronic music. For her senior thesis, she found a way to meld the both passions into one - designing an interactive multimedia website that explored a new way of showcasing electronic music on the web. As she entered the post-collegiate world, she managed to keep pursuing both passions at the same time. Who says you have to settle for one path in life?

Designs & creative

Online, print, flyers, brand collateral.


Festivals, events, weddings, portraits.


DJ biographies, articles, press releases.